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We help organisations thrive with our forward-thinking and hands-on programs.

Think and act differently to make a future-proof impact on business and people.


Our tailored services

Leadership in the new normal

Digital Growth

interim management

Leadership in the new normal
Leadership in the new normal


learning expedition

Event Tech and Ethics
Leadership in the new normal

Human Capital

flash audit, employee survey
training, workshop, bootcamp

picture team brainstorming

Fuel digital growth

Digital champions execute fast with a data-driven and experimentation mindset, and an ability to serve and engage their audience across the full-marketing funnel, both online and offline.

We help our clients design stunning experiences, drive go2market, leverage growth hacking, and become agile.

Foster innovation

Game changers disrupt every possible sector and excel in embracing future trends. Corporates and Academics must rise to the challenge of innovation to capture tomorrow's opportunities. Agility, lean startup and design thinking are key to success.

We help our clients explore
future trends, build innovation culture, inspire talents, and accelerate transformation.

Develop human capital

A smart and flexible work is on the horizon with a people-first culture that embraces purpose, inclusion, and engagement. Leaders must rethink how they lead and operate while protecting the health and well-being of their employees.

We help our clients rethink the future of work, form high-performance teams, lead mindfully, and engage employees.

Our Core Values


the impossible to achieve the extraordinary.


with our head, heart and hands.


employees, customers and organisations.

picture creator
picture sky's the limit



Listen, observe and empathetise.


Explore the possibilities, imagine bold ideas.


Over-deliver tangible results.


Meet our founder

Lionel Exposito is an innovator and seasoned project manager with cross-functional experience in consulting, entrepreneurship and operations. Connector and social impact advocate, Amsterdam is his home, the world his playground. Lionel works in English and in French.

The Network Effect

By partnering with us, you will access a global network of bright minds and like-minded organisations.

picture lionel exposito

"The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is
to venture a little way past them into the impossible."
Arthur C. Clarke

Our Blog April 3-5, 2020

reTHINK proudly mentored the winning team in education with a platform of daily challenges for teachers and students.

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Coronavirus quiz for kids

The Art of Podcasting & Vlogging

Do you speak AI?

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growth hacking for good
Growth hacking au service de la cause animale
the art of podcasting and vlogging
online lunch talk lead and engage your team during covid-19
Lunch talk blockchain and smart contracts
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Tech makers isolation gathering
Lunch talk blockchain and smart contracts
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Event Tech and Ethics


reTHINK Impact Studio
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Human Capital

A smart, hybrid and human work(-place) is on the horizon. It is time for leaders to reinvent the future of work and to power a people-first culture that embraces purpose, inclusion, and engagement.

We help you navigate the 'New Normal', attract and retain talents, and build high-performance teams.


  • leadership in the new normal

  • employee engagement & inclusion

Tailored services

Employee pulse survey, leadership and engagement workshop, hybrid remote work handbook, return to office strategy and safety policy, diversity & inclusion bootcamp, team building... and much more

Leadership in the new normal
Event Tech and Ethics


Game changers disrupt every possible sector. They excel in anticipating and meeting customer needs in motion through innovative products and services. Companies must rise to the challenge of innovation to transform and future-proof their businesses. Agility, lean startup and design thinking are key to success.

We help you instil an innovation culture, build and grow your corporate venture, and achieve product-market fit.


  • learning expedition

  • hackathon

Tailored services

Event production and management, corporate-startup partnerships, scouting... and much more

Digital Growth

Digital growth is fundamental to long-term business survival. To make a good product with costly marketing campaigns is no longer enough to succeed.

To maximise growth in today’s digital age, we help you serve and engage customers across the full-marketing funnel.


  • strategy and product

  • growth hacking

Tailored services

Flash audit, project management, transformation program.. and much more

picture team brainstorming

Tomorrow’s leaders are made today.
It is time to think and act differently!

Embrace a forward-thinking mindset.

Rethink your strategy, tactics and operations to cope with today’s digital and conscious age.

Care for people and planet, product and growth.

Strive to create a positive impact for all stakeholders.

We help build forward-thinking organisations with innovation, digital growth and human capital programs from strategy to execution.

reTHINK impact studio
Amsterdam, The Netherlands



workshop - leadership and employee engagement in the 'New Normal'
training - hacks for working from home during the lockdown
team building - lgbt+ diversity & inclusion
webinars - mindful leadership, working from home
education - quiz for kids on covid-19



mentoring of a learning expedition in silicon valley
organisation of 3 corporate hackathons
co-design of a digital bootcamp
coaching - design thinking and lean startup

Digital growth


Digital project - migration of a webshop to Magento 2
Growth hacking project - new online service launch
Production of 4 public panel discussions with 16 speakers and av. 50 attendees (in person/online)
Coaching of 2 startups

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Content Connecting Communities

Future-proof your organisation with our tailored services
in digital growth, innovation and leadership.

picture client

"Lionel is a self-starter, highly committed to deliver, using his great personality and ability to drive and engage both internal and external audience in a project.
- Sébastien, CEO

picture client

"Lionel is a great networker, ready to connect people from all around the world. He listens to what you have to say, finds out what you need and gives the most tailored advices."
- Ceyla, Founder

picture client

"If Lionel commits to a task then he commits 100%, his energy & drive push people to set higher goals and achieve them and his expertise allows for strong business progress."
- Laura, Co-Founder

picture client

"I was impressed with Lionel’s valuable insights and great operational support. He went above and beyond in helping make this training program a great success."
- Jelena, HR Senior Leader